About Avalonia

KatieGerrardAvalonia is a small, but established press based in Glastonbury, England.   Although it is a publishing press today, it started life as a community website and forums established in the late 1990′s by the author Sorita d’Este.  The Avalonia forums had a culture which encouraged questioning the status quo, returning to source materials and pushing at the boundaries of debate and discussion on a wide range of occult and spiritual topics.

In 2005 Sorita finished a book “The Guises of the Morrigan” with the author, teacher and researcher David Rankine, bringing together notes of lectures and workshops given in the years preceding it.  Realising that it was a very specialised work for which it would be difficult to find a publisher who would take it “as is”, and that even if this was possible that it would take a year or two for the work to be available, Sorita decided to utilise the then still relatively new technology of digital printing to produce the book instead of handing it over to another publisher.

P1080305And so,  was reborn into its current incarnation as a publisher.  To begin with it was just a hobby project, but over the years it grew into a successful press with followers all around the world who appreciate the quality of the research and the unique flavours being published.

Our authors and contributors are amongst the most respected in their fields, and our books continue to push the boundaries of the known and unknown, towards expanding the esoteric horizons for our generation and the generations to come.

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